DETERMINATION: a poppy’s meaning

you stop in a rest area, it’s empty.

There are just dead weeds, cement, heat and smog


you can spot a shiny red poppy

which was brave in hope
and strong enough to break the asphalt


and despite its delicate and tender bud, the poppy was able to break everything:

layers and layers of tar and gravel

. just cracked .

from all that, a small poppy managed to blossom


now it’s as shiny as the sun

and it’s right there, lighting and giving some colour to the infinite greyness

maybe this can be a cool fairy tale for us all

we see ourselves so delicate and tender, but we don’t see that all this sweetness and love for life it’s exactly what can crack the cement and make room for a gash of shiny and red life, that can contrast all the stubbornness that surrounds us


with love, but always irriverent



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