tattoo top 3

tattoo top 3:
hair removal, summer and clothes


Rumours are an absurd invention that have complicated the existence of human beings


therefore…. here you’ll find a very short analysis of the THREE QUESTIONS at the top of the ranking when it comes to tattoos:


Hair removal


after the first 10/15 days of the tattoo’s life, the skin can seem healed externally, but it’s actually even more fragile than usual


waxing is a violent method that removes hair from under the skin, same goes for epilators, as they could crack the skin


especially if you are a beautiful Mediterranean woman or a handsome Italian man and you have very strong and dark hair


it would be too risky


it’s better to use the razor for a month and then you can go back to your usual habits


I know… razor is never a good choice, but in this case the only alternative is NOT shaving

shaving cream?
too aggressive as well: its chemical agents may drastically irritate the tattoo area or damage the tissues that are still fragile


getting a tattoo in summer is not good


it’s true that mid-seasons are often the best ones for tattooing, while during summer and winter the skin is a little drier, but in summer our metabolism is muuuuuuuuuuuuch more active and very often this helps for a faster healing ^ _ ^


getting a tattoo in summer has many advantages, but only one disadvantage: the sun


in case you want to deepen the relationship between sun and tattoo I wrote these two articles:


one of the good points of getting a tattoo during summer is the increased speed of our metabolism, which makes healing faster; we also wear less clothes in this season and this helps avoiding continuous rubbing between clothes and tattoo and, hence, there’s no dispersion of platelets


this allows the tattoo to breathe more, therefore the tissue replacement is easier


moreover, during summer our diet is more likely to be healthier, with a greater intake of raw fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, which help our body in all its activities and also in healing



Can I dress normally after a tattoo?


Are there any clothes that should not be used?
Can I wear a wool sweater?
Can I wear tights?


NO… Unfortunately, there’s some clothes you shouldn’t wear


First of all, you should wear light fabrics – such as cotton – that let the tattoo breathe, therefore you should avoid synthetic materials


So NO to tights, NO to synthetic t-shirts that are in contact with the tattoo and
YES to natural and breathable fabrics ^ _ ^

it’s a NO even for tight clothes, because by rubbing on the tattoo they continuously take away the new cells that the body is creating, in this way they slow down the healing process of the tattoo


therefore, say NO to tight-fitting clothes, such as tight jeans or tights and prefer loose and comfortable clothes for a few days

BE CAREFUL even with the underwear having an elastic, if you get a tattoo close to that area
and BE CAREFUL even with the socks, like the gym ones with elastic, if you tattoo on that area

Last advice: NO to WOOL for a few days,
just long enough to let the skin create an external protective barrier and avoid wool pieces to slip inside the wound and infect it


a great tip that can definitely mitigate these latter effects is the use of a breathable adhesive film for tattoo care ^ _ ^


these are three small myths to dispel or to illuminate, a selection of cases in the TOP TEN of the most FAQ about tattoos ^ _ ^


if you have any other question about PRE- or POST-TATTOO phases, you may find interesting my very detailed HANDBOOKS full of advice, requested or not ^ _ ^


see you soon and have a nice day,

lady sara