The Poppy Revolution ep.0 by LadySara

Here the index book >>> Why a poppy?
And from now onwards I will tell you why this flower is so important to me…
: episode n.0:  #why


I was born and raised in a bookstore and, for most of my life, I believed in the fairy tale narrated by the world:

you must be perfect like Barbie even when your life sucks like Cinderella’s, then Prince Charming will come to rescue you from Shrek, you’ll marry a super hot Iron Man while hearing birds and the Seven Dwarfs singing in the background… and, in the end…. Everyone lived Happily Ever After in Neverland!!!

but that’s not true ^_^

and I wasn’t aware of that, so during the first 29 years of my life I’ve been following those paths created by those automatic programmes that the world was drawing in my mind, following the stereotypes of the medias, and I’ve been waiting for my Iron Man to take me to Neverland on a white horse

[I was so cute, wasn’t I?]


then, in November of 2014 something changed: EVERYTHING


the crystal world that I’d been building for years broke up into little pieces,
and it was the most amazing smash that could ever happen to my life

I started accepting myself and I took off the veil, a veil that, till then, I didn’t even know I was
wearing. I stopped hiding myself, I stopped playing hide-and-seek with myself

in this scenario, my avant-garde vision of the world started to pop-up
and I recognized the Poppy as my totem




through the column “why a poppy?” I will give a voice to the revolution that took place inside of me 


now I’m about to tell you the reasons why this flower is so important to me and how its values – more or less obvious – have changed my concept of living life

I’d like to contaminate the world with these values and to see them increasingly blossom within society, this arid field impoverished by a thousand desires…

but the smile of a poppy is not even afraid of a cemented pitch

therefore, hope is there and has no escape


So far I found 14 different meanings hidden inside a poppy’s red petals; are you interested in some of them in particular?

Here you have the links!

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