VADEMECUM pre tattoo

5 things TO DO and NOT TO DO before a tattoo



You enter in a tattoo studio full of beans and ready to get your tattoo,
in a few hours you will be even more attractive than the way you are now

but are you sure you’ve thought of everything?

you are ready to get thousands of selfies and post one soon after the tattoo…

So it goes without sayingthat you did all you could to look amazing!!!
Very fresh shaving, last minute sun shower (because you cannot go for one for some time after the tattoo) and white silk shirt that looks super cool with your tan!


adrenaline and euphoria sometimes make you forget some useful things
and it could also happen that for some stupid reason we can’t tattoo you,
we must send you home with your tail between your legs and so much sadness, broken dreams …

BUT! I will take care of you ^_^

and here is a pre tattoo vademecum, an article full of all the cases of what can be USEFUL or NOT USEFUL to do before a tattoo to make your experience (and ours) better

well, let’s go!!  ..



Let’s start with the 5 THINGS TO DO before a tattoo


1 – sleep, sleep and more sleep

You have to be relaxed and in the best possible physical condition, because  your body is about to receive an invasion, a wound that could even last several hours and your body needs every bit of energy to deal with it.

Otherwise you will perform like a scared baby girl that moans a lot and at the end cannot even finish the tattoo, we can only start it and then ask you to come for a second time…but even worse than this, if you move you could induce us to commit mistakes F***

And afterwards when you are with your mates, who will you blame for it?

Anyway, just be aware that if you are relaxed and calm during the tattoo we will be the same and the tattoo will doubtless be more beautiful, made with love and a different tranquility…

Because we are humans too

We are not machines …comfort has an impact on our performances ^_^



2 – a nice scented shower

is what you need to be loved by us ^_^

I don’t think it is necessary for me to tell you why.


I want you just to reflect on this: when you enter a studio you will immediately check if it is nice and clean, if it smells ok, if it looks fine and hygienic…well let’s just say that it is mutual

We are human beings ^_^

Even if you come directly from work and you don’t have time to pop home, you just need a couple of wipes and some deodorant, even better if you change your t-shirt and socks

It’s enough to show that you love us ^_^


3- shave the area to be tattooed.

Ok here there is a lot to say but the gist is very simple:

NO  we cannot tattoo a hairy area
SO the area must be shaved before the tattoo


Well…shaving irritates your skin, whatever kind of shaving you choose, therefore YOU MUSTN’T SHAVE IN THE HOURS PRECEEDING YOUR APPOINTMENT (no cream, no wax, no razor) because the sore skin will make you suffer much MORE, it will make it bleed more and the skin, being very sensitive, will be less resistant to the invasion of the tattoo

So the result we get will be far less successful and far more painful than what we would obtain with properly shaved skin

Even the healing will take longer and be more bothering and it could even create some imperfections to the tattoo itself

And this is not what we are willing to achieve
We want to give the best possible result


Get shaved at least 24 hours prior the tattoo ^_^

Here we are, it is very simple  ^_^

So why do you have blades in the studios and shave our skin just a few seconds before you give us the tattoo? Because desperate times call for desperate measures;  we definitely cannot give you the tattoo on a hairy skin and we go for the less worst solution

But if you shave on your own 24 hours before we are happier^_^



4 – bring a calorific snack with you

because you are not Superman and you may need some external support

A tattoo, above all if it is big, takes away lots of energy. Even if you are lying down on a bed doing nothing, your body is working hard.

It is producing painkillers and platelets to start healing the damage, so you will need a lot of energies ^_^



5- to play it safe, bring some painkillers with you,

one of those bland ones that you are used to take when you have headache or similar…always for the same reasons as above:

you are not superman and you may need some help from home

if you are unwell and you move we might make mistakes or not perform like we would like;

then, if you suffer, all your body will contract more and we are forced to push more to get so that the skin will be able to absorb the ink despite your opposition…so in a nutshell, we would have a vicious circle that would be counterproductive for everybody



and now the 5 THINGS NOT TO DO before your tattoo



1 – no alcohol and no drugs

it goes without saying, right? Not always

First of all, the most boring thing to say is that if you are not capable of understanding and in the control of all your faculties we cannot give you a tattoo, the f*** law says that

And because we are not criminals, we don’t want to go against it

Also, even worse, alcohol and drugs are vessel expanders

Technically it means that during the tattoo you will bleed more, so you will clean out more colour, we will push more, sometimes without a real result, and then you will have a difficult healing…in a nutshell, the usual counterproductive loop for everybody


2 – no to tight clothes

or/and white ones. Even this point seems too obvious to be mentioned, but we are so happy and excited before a tattoo that we subconsciously hardly choose a dark top (unless we have a dark soul inside) and we feel like wearing something very nice ^_^ it is just right ^_^ we deserve this tattoo!!!

But it is definitely better to wear it tomorrow or the day after, when the tattoo will be less sore and we will be able to show it with pride, without getting our best clothes stained with it ^_^

So a big no to the white (or fair) clothes and delicate ones

because when we give you the tattoo we use colours (big news, eh?)

we use colourful pigments that stain everywhere and that are very difficult to be washed away, sometimes nearly impossible…

That’s why we always wear protective uniforms ^_^
Yeah, sure, for the hygiene, but also to save our clothes

A big no also to tight clothes,

above all when we talk about trousers or shoes and legs or feet to be tattooed; a tattoo is always an invasion to your body
and the body reacts by getting swollen
sometimes a lot
and an item of clothes that gets tight might become too small to be worn

and even if you can wear it, it could be too tight and get the tattooed area more swollen and sore…it will irritate the wound that will respond getting more swollen and sorer, burning even more and the healing will take longer


  • no white tight super-fashion blue jeans, with rips that will show your new tattoo ^_^
  • no tight shoes that maybe will rub against your skin when you walk
  • no white silk top


3 – no to tanned skin

 or to skin irritated by dermatitis of any kind or wounds

Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the tanned skin is not compatible with tattoos, even more so if it is badly tanned and burned


Giving a tattoo to a very tanned skin is impossible, we simply cannot and I don’t want to hear complains about it. Full stop

So, do you want to go to the beach or go for a sun-bed? That’s fine ^_^

Provided that you go with at least a 5 mm layer of  SPF 10.000+ protective sun-cream so the area of the skin that will be tattooed will be safe, fresh and clear ^_^ and don’t be frugal with that, because if the tattoo will look better 3 centimeters more on the right side it’s a problem then


And obviously, we cannot give tattoos on a skin with any type of dermatitis or fungus or ruined by cuts and scabs

It is really impossible

> Yes, you can have a tattoo on a skin affected by vitiligo
Because the skin lacks melatonin but is healthy ^_^

> yeah, you can have a tattoo even if you are prone to develop psoriasis,
but not on the parts of the skin affected by it

(even if it is fair to say that it is a risk because if you are prone to psoriasis it might well appear in the future because of  the distress the tattoo causes to the skin where you get the tattoo)


4- no stress

don’t be in a hurry when you come for a tattoo

Give yourself all the time that is needed and even more; a tattoo is for life, so we have to look

carefully at all the options and possible changes
Both when we plan and when we print it with the stencil

Because a drawing on paper is something but when we put it on the skin it acquires movements and volumes and we could need some time to consider and deal with all these possibilities. And then a tattoo must be done with lots of calm and attention, like all the beautiful things

And you have to give all the needed attention to your body and accept it in a proper way

5 – no to fasting

You have to arrive at the studio after you have eaten well and enough because we don’t want fantings due to a lack of sugar or a blood- pression drop.  As I said earlier, even if you lie down on a bed, your body is working hard and needs energies ^_^




I have been a bit verbose, I know
but I really want you to understand the reason of things… so your next future experience might be better ^_^


with love, but always irriverent