Everything you need to know   Today, we are gathered here to discuss a topic that raises more than valid questions: tattoos during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And do tattoos deform during pregnancy?!?   But

  •   You too have heard about it, right? the friend (or someone you don't know at the cafe') that said: "tattoos in even numbers? definately not! they bring bad luck!!!!" and we have always

  •   Why do you get a tattoo? I mean…WHY???? Why is it so necessary? Why does it become a drug? ….. WHY?!?   so…why do we get a tattoo?I don’t know, but I know how I

  •   yes, It’s true, tattoos are quite invasive but dermatologists, too, are starting to recommend this practice   even if they invade a body by tearing its skin and permanently place pigments into

  •   Do I need to touch up my tattoo? Yes? When? Why? How? It depends, it depends on how the tattoo has healed. YES, the tattoo needs to be retouched if the healing

  •   Leaving a tattoo studio being disappointed has tremendously negative effects on the whole community…. because a disappointed client will choose the tattooist, but he will nevertheless remain a disappointed client and he


I was born in a library and as a good dyslexic I learned to look at the world with images, drawing stories and telling the drawings.