• THE MUST-HAVE: SUN, SEA AND A NEW TATTOO   we got to the famous question: how long should I wait before sunbathing after getting a tattoo?   it depends on what you exactly mean by sunbathing

  • Noway, it harms your health do you know when the tattooist tells you: “please remember the sun cream!!!” And you automatically nod with your head but deep down just think “yeah, sure, forget about

  •   Today I would like to tell you how could be the hours you'll spend with me, (if you choose me for a next tattoo) because they will probably be different from those spent

  •   yes, It’s true, tattoos are quite invasive but dermatologists, too, are starting to recommend this practice   even if they invade a body by tearing its skin and permanently place pigments into

  • Did you know that you can delete your tattoos on the way to wee wee? No? YES!  its name is simply laser tattoo removal ^_^ and now let's try to do a bit of

  • FIRST TATTOO ANXIETY? here are the precautions and the little speeches you need   do you have performance anxiety from your first tattoo? did you make your first appointment and now you panic? oh my


I was born in a library and as a good dyslexic I learned to look at the world with images, drawing stories and telling the drawings.