Why do you get a tattoo?
I mean…WHY????
Why is it so necessary? Why does it become a drug? ….. WHY?!?


so…why do we get a tattoo?I don’t know,
but I know how I would it like to be ^_^

I know how the experience I give to my customers is, and I know what I would like their reason to be

>>> I would like that their reason was: awareness

lots of people think that living together and being married are the same thing, that nothing changes between the two…NO WAY!

it is not true, it is different…it is very different! Not everything of course, but the awareness is different.

given that you express your feelings, your will, your values… these become a promise

the person becomes aware of having promised something
the person keeps within himself the promise he gave

it’s not just thoughts anymore, you can see, touch and close them in a ring
it’s not just little whispered intentions anymore

. and this is what I would like a tattoo to be .

as for me, I would love a tattoo to speak about something that intense that it would be impossible to forget about it

I would love a tattoo to speak about such an important value to the point that I would always want to carry it with me
I would love it to speak about a story that shaped me
I would love it to be something I believe in that much to the point that I would be proud of it for the rest of my life

and I would never wonder  “will I regret it?”
because I could never regret something that important

and I would never want to cover it …
no, it won’t happen

because I am proud of me and of that part of my life and of those values that brought me here


I can say: I have got these values and I will always carry them with me, always

I have these affections
I have these faults
I have this story
I have this life 


. I… I have lived .

and I am aware of it
despite the fact I am a …………………with 800 million faults, I am alive
and I know I am

and I am not even scared to tell the others, to express myself

. I am not scared to accept myself.

blimey, the difficult thing in this world is being accepted by the others,
but I am quite happy in my own company

all colourful and  scribbled with things that nobody else in the world will scribble on himself…
because this is my life, and you can copy everything from me but not this moment of mine ^_^


that’s why I adore the people that get tattoos


because they are aware of having lived and they accept what they are, or at least that part of themselves;

also a tattoo can help you to accept something that sometimes you whisper only to yourself…
but express it to the outside world, it fills you with  strength

and it is beautiful even when you become addicted to it,

because when you start understanding this mechanism you become stronger…!!!

the awareness has this collateral effect ^_^

and you start to see a lot of empty space in your body, square metres of empty skin

and you start finding a lot of things in your little life, things that earlier you thought it was nearly meaningless and that now, on the other hand, are worth of being told, and you are proud of carrying them with you


“and when you are old? With all that sagging skin…?” 


all in a colorful dress

. I won’t be a white sheep .
but I will be a beautiful leopard full of colourful spots, with a thousand stories to tell to my grandchildren and a book already written on my skin that can be read
a notebook that reminds me about all the beautiful things that I want to tell my grandchildren, despite the Alzheimers



with love, but always irreverent