PREJUDICE: a poppy’s meaning

There are 167 different species of poppies,
but they once looked all the same to me…

Damn prejudice!
Instead of having regrets we should learn to
. accept .

because the world is full of mistakes
some are made by us, some by others, some just happen
and we need to accept them


because if we’re not able to spot that there are different species of poppies, how are we supposed to understand the reasons behind certain things happening during life?

mistakes always happen when you’re very focused on yourself and you don’t have time to think that something else may occur

and the only reason why they exist is to teach us which ones we need to avoid making again in the future


how we don’t want to be
what we don’t want to do
who we don’t want to be

(In the end, the hardest part is to stay coherent, to balance will and reality)
because between words and actions there’s an ocean
an ocean of mistakes

and we need to remember that among 167 species of poppies we only saw one, and we need to remember that many times we don’t see what’s beyond our nose


with love, but always irriverent



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