CONTAGIOUS: a poppy’s meaning

when you see a poppy field, an infinite red carpet, you can just admire it

and for a moment free your mind from all your thoughts


poppy’s positive character stays with you for a while


for sure
it’s contagious

if the first year you saw only one poppy in that rest area of the highway
after one year you’ll see ten
after two, there will be a whole field of poppies


because poppies don’t like to be alone,
they know that union means strength
and it’s contagious
and it’s invasive


and maybe we should be observing them more often


in this way we’ll be also infected by their willpower which is so placid and calm, so lovely
infected by the accidental smile that they cause
infected by life that runs fast and that will also fade fast
infected by their simplicity of their shape, so simple but also overwhelming

infected by all those nuances a poppy hides in its colour

infected to infect back in turn

that’s why I started drawing poppies
and then making tattoos
and paintings of poppies
and graffiti representing this amazing flower on grey walls


because I was infected and I want to infect back in turn


with love, but always irriverent



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