FEMALE: a meaning of a poppy


Did you ever observe a poppy from above?

Didn’t you notice anything?
does it remind you of something?

Where is your mischief? Where did you leave it?
dear people, mischief is the spice of life, you can’t eat an unseasoned meal in this short life of yours

I’ll tell you:

the poppy has two soft central petals which are symmetrical and
straight, they’re half-closed to give you a glimpse of its nucleus
full of pistils, those thin black nerve endings

In the external part, there are two more petals, which hide and protect the central ones
in the same way that lips hold a secret


those petals are red like the flesh when it’s merry and live



In the central petals there’s the most precious and hidden part of the poppy
the most sensitive and delicate one
that carries its most important emotions

and then, there’s the stem: a line going straight to the centre of the world



Now, does it ring a bell?
oh yes, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about

The female

The most feminine flower
for whoever feels like it, and for whoever loves it




with love, but always irriverent


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