a tattoo covers all your imperfections – either natural or not
it covers cellulite
it covers a scar
it covers a piece of skin having a different colour
it covers a certain area of your body

basically, a tattoo can hide all those areas of your body
. end of discussion .


so many times I’ve been told:

I can’t do it! My arms are fat… I won’t get a tattoo there!
god no! I hate my legs, I’ll will never get them tattooed!
when I’ll be old, my skin will be flabby!
what if I get fat?
what if I get skinny?
look, I can’t do it here, my skin is so…
are you kidding me? this spot is full of cellulite!

or: I love my ankles and I want to emphasize their beauty…


. far from it . THIS IS ALL WRONG.

and now, let’s try to dismantle all these clichés, one by one


tat 400

Let’s start with the following assumption:
our eyes focus their attention on the first thing they see.


as we may all know, human beings are not able to see beyond their nose
and it takes a huge effort and willpower to see what’s underneath

. when the eye sees a tattoo it stops there, it doesn’t go any further .

it doesn’t even try to understand what’s underneath or how the skin below it looks like

the eye is satisfied by what it sees, the mind is fed and there is no logical reason for the brain to try to understand how that part of the body underneath a tattoo looks like


so, DON’T DO IT!
if you like your ankles NEVER GET THEM TATTOOED


because you wouldn’t EMPHASIZE THEIR BEAUTY, but rather hide it!!!
your beautiful ankles won’t be noticed any longer, because everyone will focus on the tattoo!

but they will surely spot the cellulite located a few centimeters away, as no tattoo covers it… and the eyes, attracted by the tattoo on the ankle, will spot it

If instead you’d choose to get a tattoo on your thighs,
you would have covered your defects and you would have caught attention somewhere else, perhaps towards your beloved ankles

Can you picture it now?
the photo that follows is a great example:


here you can see the difference between my hand, full of tattoos and my husband’s, which has way less tattoos


now it’s crystal clear! ^_^
who sees my hand wouldn’t pay attention to the shape, because it’s barely visible!

. you don’t see a hand, you see a tattoo.


the eye stops on the tattoo and does not even notice the hand’s shape or its defects…

while on my husband’s hand,
you will immediately notice the shape, the aesthetics
if you like it or not
that’s why it will be full of tattoos very soon ^_^

in this way, you will no longer spot the marks of life… but the decor that you decided to draw on that angle of your life

. you will see the picture you decided to hang on your wall .

and this is an amazing example to explain how to choose an area of the body where to get a tattoo




what I mean is:
imagine having a big, white wall in your house
perhaps dimly lit, in the dark, perhaps covered by a sofa and a bookcase,
but still, that wall is so empty and naked

what would you do, if you didn’t like it?


you will hardly think of tearing it down or changing the layout of the house, even if it’s not impossible ^_^

probably you would put a nice picture on it, some photos or a cool wallpaper… or who knows? maybe a nice painting!

. see? this is exactly the same concept .

when you have many centimeters of skin
that is not so uniform in some points
that is somehow imperfect in its shape
that is a corner of your body that you struggle against…


there is not only cosmetic surgery, there are also tattoos (OH YES!)


it’s like hanging a nice painting on the wall instead of tearing it down
and you can choose from a thousand different types of paintings, but all of them will tell something about you, they will make you proud


sometimes, even if the wall has an ugly crack or a hole, you can fix it by hanging a painting


likewise, this also happens with serious skin defects, such as a scar, for instance



(like the one in this picture, where the scar on my arm is covered by a little bird)


I am very fond of the topic of scars cover-up:
it is the purest realization of my concept of a tattoo

each tattoo means a lot to me and I am very interested in the psychological and emotional aspects that precede or follow a tattoo

I am interested not only in the reasons that led each of you to choose a specific tattoo but also in the changes that came after it, I want every tattoo to narrate a part of your life that makes you particularly proud or happy … (I have largely discussed this topic in the article: WHY GETTING A TATTOO?)


a tattoo often comes as a consequence of a difficult moment that we were able to overcome with our head held high, a moment that taught us something and was also a chance to improve ourselves

and I think that covering a scar with a tattoo is the perfect equation to show with pride a new part of ourselves

try to picture this:
a scar has changed and disfigured your body
it hurt your soul
you had some hard times because of it
but you surely learnt something from it

and now you have the chance to be proud of what you learnt
proud of the past
proud of doing your best
proud of being here now

and all your pride can overlap the hard times,
you can overlap that scar with a tattoo

anyway, the idea I wanted to share with you is that the aim of a tattoo is to hide something: it hides a piece of your body and tells a story through colors



a tattoo HIDES a part of the body

its shape can enhance the shape of your body and highlight its positive qualities (for instance, it can make a leg longer and an arm thinner) if it is carefully designed

but for sure it covers:
an imperfection
a piece of skin having a different colour
a certain area of your body



get a tattoo on those parts of your body you don’t like, because it’s a great way to enhance a point that you don’t like


get a tattoo on those parts of your body you like, because you will just cover some point that you already like as it is ^ _ ^


you can ask this toFede Rossi or to other bodybuilderswho spend a lot of money on powerful foundations to cover their tattoos when they have a competition

perché il tatuaggio non permette di vedere la struttura del corpo e anzi, spesso un palestrato se tatuato sembra meno grosso hihihihihi


in fact, some tattoos don’t allow you to perfectly see the shape and structure of the body and, very often, a tattooed person with a huge muscle mass can seem less big hihihihihi

for instance, I had my first leg tattoo when I weighed 25kg more than now

and I wish I had done this before!!!


the idea of getting a tattoo on that chubby part of my body really scared me…
but then I found out it was my best choice!

That summer I finally felt more confident on the beach, because I realized that people were focused on my tattoo… not on my cellulite!!!

what a relief ^_^




besides the choice of the area of the body to get a tattoo on,  the symbolic Psychology of the body, also plays an important role,
but this is another huge chapter that I will cover in another article ^ _ ^


so again, don’t hold yourself back in choosing where to get a tattoo just because you have a few kilos more than Barbie, some cellulite on your thighs, a scar on your belly, or if your arms or calves are too thin or they lack of muscle mass…  I honestly believe that you have more choice!


Barbie is all perfect, so it would be harder for her to choose which part of her body to cover with a tattoo!!!


speaking of Barbie, I hanged many of them to the wall of my bathroom, and I explained the reasons in this article >>> FUCK THIS WORLD, but why?!



another point that shouldn’t hold yourself back while choosing a tattoo is the thought of the pain caused by it

tattoo pain is rather more psychological than physical: if our mind is strong and motivated, pain is more easily tolerated, even if the area is potentially more painful

while if our motivation is weak, a potentially less painful area becomes more so!

to this scenario I dedicated a separate chapter, of which I will speak soon in another ARTICLE ^_^


so, dear folks, get a tattoo on those parts of your body you don’t like, and, in this way, it will be easier to like yourself!!!


with love, but always rock