INK-ADDICTED: a meaning of a poppy


I’m pretty sure that, during childhood, you used to tear the petals off the poppy in order to reach its nucleus. That black star-shaped part could leave a stain on your t-shirt and inside your soul

The coolest part was to squash that little star to get a black stain on the fingers

the black sign remained on your hands…

making you feel like a real gangster of the snack’s gang

that was our first childhood tattoo
so innocent
this happened before we could even have access to ink and needles
but still, we were already developing our inexplicable attraction to those stories on the skin

I don’t know how many of you have ever tried it, but in ancient times somebody used this technique before us
in fact, the inner part of the poppy was used to… guess what?? To make tattoos!

It was used for those holy and shamanic tattoos that had to be deserved, because life sucks, but you don’t give up

It wasn’t used for those cheap and ready tattoos that you can buy in the supermarket, which are not unique

anyways… since we were children,
ink entered in our skin, to express ourselves


with love, but always irriverent



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