SPECIAL BEINGS: a meaning of a poopy


there is a poppy, among all the species, that contains opium

which is stored inside the poppy’s seed capsules. It’s necessary to cut the unripe capsule
in order to get the opium from the inside

because if it gets ripe, the poppy will lose all its well-known powers

just like humans: once we grow up, we lose every glimmer of reason
because we are driven by the mental patterns of a society which is way too far from us

the poppy doesn’t take drugs
the poppy is THE drug

it contains a series of alkaloids
which make you see the world from a different perspective that you never noticed before
. That no one ever noticed before .

How many people, before us, changed the world with a poppy by their side?

Leonardo Da Vinci – to name but one – was one of them.
It’s said that his madness was the cause of his genius … In my opinion, it was his genius to drive him crazy: too much information, too much disappointment coming from a world that was too far behind him… so, opium helped him to take a break from a reality considered unworthy or unsatisfactory
was him just another fool?
Another one was .Picasso., who was also able to depict the world in a brand-new way…



how beautiful would it be to be a poppy?


and to have, deep inside, the possibility of seeing things from another perspective,
in a different way from the rest of society or just in a different way from how we saw things yesterday, or one hour ago

without social prejudices, perhaps

but, most importantly, to have, deep inside, the possibility of allowing others to see things from another perspective, in a different way from usual,
a new hope

maybe we just need to find the way, like Da Vinci and Picasso
maybe there’s a way to help people seeing new things

(but till we all find it out, a poppy – still unripe – will be destroyed, cut, injured, squeezed, emptied, insulted…
what about you, are you ready?)



with love, but always irriverent



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