at the supermarket with me with a tattooed body


I would like to tell you something:
people are still massively bigot
and NOT the people that you are thinking of!


the grandparents who live here in the countryside, the ones you meet at the bar playing cards, they always have a free chair for you, they are curious like children and happy to see such fun things

kids touch you whenever they can, they would like to color your skin with markers, they are attracted with heart-shaped eyes like they are in front of a lollipop

the ladies over 50 are respectfully intrigued because they are secretly attracted and would also like to paint themselves whole arms and fuck the club of the cross stitch and the evenings of exchange of recipes !!!

THE REAL BIGOTS ARE THEM, the ones you would never expect

They are tattooed as well, YES

but they only have the symbol of infinity on their wrist with the names of the whole family, or a small letter on their shoulder with two stars nearby, cos the stars always fit with anything.

They feel God because they are right in the middle of their life
and they know all the truths
They know that people with tattoos are drug-addicted and weirdos and poor wretched without any money and maybe without a roof, that ask you for 5 euros to buy their drugs and get on the train without the ticket and that kidnap your daughter to send her in the street to beg for charity…

Those between 25 and 45.


sowhile you are in the supermarket

to buy some pasta, a 5-year-old boy raises his finger up in the air and points at you saying happily:
“Mum! Mum! Look!”
his heart-shaped eyes and little feet are already moving towards you…

when his 30-year-old Mum grabs his other arm, she pulls him away from you, she pushes him far and she whispers in his ears that I am dangerous…and finally they move towards another ward



(by the way, I am vegan too, and I feel guilty because I killed an earthworm 4 years ago!)


Yeah ok…. I sometimes  have problems at managing my rage

but I am a nice, smiling, friendly, elegant, well-dressed, polite girl and I have to say that I also have a certain class, come on!



: in summer, at the seaside


Lying down on the sun bed under the umbrella, in the total peace of my senses, I read a book when :

a kid that is walking on the gangway with is grandma is happy and carefree and his grandma tells him:
”look at that beautiful girl!”

but, the kid that is walking on the gangway with his parent is invited to avoid looking at me (as if I could transfix him with my eyes like Medusa) and walk along briskly (watch out cos I could eat the boy as a snack for my break!)


on the other hand..


most of the times people with a lot of tattoos are the most relaxed ones,
even those ones with the black face and the underskin inserts and the cheek expansions and all of those hellish things

it might sound strange to you
but we all have some kind of discomfort inside us

we are dualist human beings and Freud told us a few decades ago that we will never find peace
it’s pointless to drown our discomfort in some hidden drawers and pretend they are not there

. they are there .

they won’t die
they are there anyway


we accept it, at least

we manifest it to us and to you

we find a way to make it look beautiful, artistic and to make it look nice to our eyes

we find the courage to accept a pain, a loss, a fight
accept it and know it is part of us, inside and outside, with us

but we also are proud of our progress, so proud to want them on our skin for the rest of our life

we are that aware of what we like and of what we are that we also are convinced that we will never get tired of a tattoo that represents it

. we will never get tired of ourselves .

because there is a little more awareness, after a tattoo

a real tattoo I mean
a proper and serious tattoo
not the usual shit that the posh fashion-addicted people want
because Belen has got the butterfly too
and Ibrahimovic has got the mahori tattoo on his arm too
and the infinity symbol is too cool because everybody has got one, like Nike shoes

there is a little more awareness and therefore a little more self-confidence
a little more knowledge to face your day and your life



has it ever happened to you to feel more beautiful inside after a tattoo?


it always happens to me
despite a thousand doubts pre tattoo afterwards I feel more and more cool, inside and out1




with love, but always irriverent