I ENTER IN A BOOK, your book


Today I would like to tell you how could be the hours you’ll spend with me,
(if you choose me for a next tattoo)
because they will probably be different from those spent elsewhere

Maybe you won’t like it, or maybe you will


My mum had a bookshop in the centre of the town and I was born and brought up

inside there, surrounded by the smell of the stories written in the paper and using my imagination to travel among those pages

Generally, when we read a story, our mind instinctively creates images and we dream the characters and the places, the feelings, the smells and the emotions we are told about. ..

the mental images are all around us, and we are there, inside the book.

So, equally, when I read the story for a tattoo, my mind dreams the scenes, the feelings that are inside it, the characters that acted in it, the future expectations, the dreams, the pains, the love…

So, while I read, I enter into your book

It would be impossible for me to do it if I listened to the story told by a voice because the impact would be inferior,

the magic of the written words is always better, less confusing, more sought after and direct.

The choice of the words that you use to describe your story to me is very important too, more cautious and often more romantic than a verbal story (so don’t be shy when you fill in my questionnaire please…I need to read you to understand you, I don’t want some gossip ^_^)

The most interesting thing for me is then finding the right images to catch the story that I have created into my head in order to show it to the others as well, outside my mind.

My first problem is to summarize a story that developed in ages in an instantaneous imagine…what is the key to do it? Symbology

Drawing with stereotypes and cliche’

So that anybody, at the first impact, can have the right feeling

So that I can recreate in the observer the right mixture of the emotions that the main character felt in the lapse of time that passed from the beginning of the story and the moment when he decided to take a picture of it on the skin.



. I don’t prepare drafts in advance .


Everything starts with a story, a fairy tale, a memory, a feeling
with anything you want tell me about
and reading your words I start to dream…
I imagine the scenes that you created with the words
and then I explain them to you, I tell you how I saw them

I don’t prepare drafts in advance.
I draw everything together with you

Because I think that the tattoo must be both mine and yours and I want you to take part in the structure and in the project of it

so, the day of the appointment I am there with my baggage of images and symbols..I am there with all those meanings and details that you didn’t tell me but that I discovered

I tell you about the story that I lived together with you
I tell you about the desires and the feelings that you delivered,
but I even tell you about  those that you hid

I tell you your story together with mine
and together we decide the images to use
together we create the base of the drawing
together, until all the details are speculated

and that’s where our tattoo begins


Do tattoos have a meaning?

Yes, always, my dear fellows,
[and on the topic “WHY YOU GET A TATTOO?!?” I wrote a separate article …. you can read it by CLICKING HERE ]

however the people that look at my scribbled skin ask me:
“wow, how many tattoos you have! Do they all have a meaning?”
as if after the third or fourth tattoo with a meaning the others were only meaningless stupid things (obviously)

or they tell me:
“I only have three tattoos because you know, each of them has an important meaning!”
as if they wanted to tell me that, because I have so many, mine are not all important … (obviously)



I want my tattoos to talk about a story,

I don’t care whether stupid or intense, this is relevant to the customer not to me
but the important thing is it must be blatantly evident that it talks about a story,
even if maybe only my customer and I can understand it.

Can you get a tattoo without a meaning?

NO! if you want your tattoo to be beautiful and overwhelming.
If you want a tattoo with a soul, you have to have a soul to put it inside it.

But in these few lines I hope to have aroused your curiosity and above all to have given you an idea on how I work and how I approach a new  project, a new story.

I hope you have understood how you will spend the hours in my company
Because it is very likely that they will be different from the hours spent somewhere else,
And maybe I will even move you inside ^_^

Maybe you won’t like it, or maybe you will.


with love, but always irriverent