my followers know it already, I have got two mottos: 


the question that nobody has ever asked me is: WHY?!?

Sara, why are these two mottos so important for you?


probably you didn’t ask me not so as not to pry into my private life(as if I had one) but maybe even because you feel at ease within these mottos and no further explanation is needed

even if I look like a big silly girl, I am also a sympathetic nerd always in the dumps and even behind such clear and explicit mottos there’s a bit of a complicated story…


let’s start with telling the story:
I’d say that everything turns around the word ROCK



small foreword:

since I was little I used to spend my days working at a desk, sitting on a stool in contortionist positions

. you could find anything on this desk .

that’s because even as a little girl I had lots of interests and I used to pass from one thing to the next one and then going back to the first one and keep on working with both of them

I sometimes think about this, but I believe I never experienced boredom

like now:
I read 8 books simultaneously, sometimes 12, and I bring them forward all together,… nothing has changed!

I believe this is called MULTIPOWER


but going back to when I was a little girl…

on that table together with me, with my books, my colourful pens, my clay and my building blocks…you could find my favourite music cassettes ^_^

probably the most famous kids songs
then jovanotti and gianna nannini 

ROCK arrived only when I was older, that wonderful word that I understood only when my ears could listen to it

because earlier I had like thick layers inside my ears that stopped me from listening and that word had never reached me before


the word ROCK means NONCONFORMIST to me




the most important thing is that it is ANTI


so STAYROCK means being, but above all REMAIN anti


we all come to light with a clear vision on the world, but then we enter into contact with society and our heads are programmed with the social uses and customs 

our initial working system is submerged by millions of information that program us to social life and obscure our vision of the world


. for 29 years of my life I have been reprogrammed without realising .

not by my parents, absolutely not!!
they have always been tremendously hippy and they let me get dirty with mud every time I wanted ^-^

. by that part of the society that I had to deal with every day of my life .

I had never met anybody that was living in his own way, that had reprogrammed his initial operative system and was trying to follow it

or maybe I was too young to understand it when that happened to me:
a dear family friend was a painter
and I used to follow him whatever he was doing
and one of the most precious presents that I still have is his colour palette
but empathy is a very heavy load to carry when you are on your own
and my dear friend decided to leave before I could grow up and listen




but let’s go back to ROCK
the word ROCK means remaining faithful to your own world, your own inclinations, desires, dreams …

even if the world requires different uses and costumes

and this leads us quickly to the FUCK THIS WORLD
. because every now and then you need to say that to the world .


fuck off to social plans and the sketched out routes

I have chosen to live on a hill that not even GoogleMaps can find
and I have chosen to use words in a world that nowadays only watches videos on YouTube
and I have chosen to draw people’s stories, to listen to them…while the world only listens to itself

in other words: stay rock and  say fuck off to this world


try at least and remember what you used to be
and try to dream the life you have always seen in front of you
and try not to be scared of other people’s plans

[ … ok, now I breathe…  … and I calm down …]


I would like to tell you something else because it is relevant for the toilet of my studio
are you curious? let’s see then, follow me


the ones of you that have been my clients in the last year will have probably found a number of hanged Barbies in the toilet of my studio
yes, hanged
is it trash?
no, it is a terrific dream…

Barbie is the highest symbol of what the world teaches us to be:

. perfect .

blond, tall, 90-60-90, fashionable, with an amazing Ken at her side, two storey villa with a jacuzzi on the balcony, the bicycle for the picnic in the countryside…and so on…


and I hanged them,
all the ones I had! 

(actually I kept a couple, so that they can fornicate and I can take pics to send for Xmas wishes…)


I hanged them to say fuck off to these social impositions
>>> and so say FUCK to THIS WORLD


I hope that one day when I am dead (and I hope soon so that you all can become rich for carrying a tattoo of mine on your skin) I can see this piece of art showed at the MoMa in New York

!!! Oh come on man, dreaming is for free !!!


anyway it would be beautiful enough to see somebody picking up this seed and trying at least to plant it

plant something right away
plant a forest of his own business
drive a nail for those old and tight pair of shoes

it would be amazing ^_^


just a few days ago a very beautiful woman client came to be tattooed and brought a pair of friends with her
.one of them has got a world of her own inside herself.
and the world that she lives outside, instead, belongs entirely to the others…

that day she picked up a seed,
that maybe showed her that there are people that live in their own way, in their world,
that you can,

. you can do it .

exactly like it happened to me 4 years ago…


now I will say bye to you and I will wait for you till next time, but I would like to listen in the comments the stories of your planted seeds or of the seeds you would like to plant…


with love, but always irriverent