SNAKE – a tattoo for the wild


the snake tattoo is now seen frequently, but who knows if those who wear it are truly worthy of it ^_^
because the snake has an ancient, deep symbolism, a giant meaning!

the snake, that rascal, has been described to us since biblical times as the traitor
the tempter, that scoundrel who tries to trick you


the snake’s venom can be poisonous or even deadly, but taken in small doses, it becomes medicine instead, a powerful drug that cures all ills


when the snake gets tired, it sheds its skin, changes its life, starts anew, changes its outfit, takes off the old rags, and puts on a brand-new tuxedo, signed by Gucci


the symbolism of the snake is linked to the selfish one who thinks of himself, of his life alone, for his own purposes, with no one else beside him it is that scoundrel who changes the game who asks you if you want a new card, who gives you another chance


then you have to understand if the new opportunity is a trick or not, like Adam and Eve’s apple
but it is also the one who can save your life with a drop of venom, giving you a new skin, a new world, another chance


it symbolizes absurd, extreme, wild lives, but living ones, it is a symbol of the protection that madness can give you

if you ask Alda Merini, Syd Barrett, or Elon Musk… they will probably love it, but it’s not for everyone

it’s for the few who accept a wild life happy, bold, on the edge, and they live it as heroes


with love, but always irreverent