I guess you didn’t expect this message from me today, but the surprises start right here



I am writing to you because I have a very important task to entrust to you


but first of all I have to make you a premise:
I think about our body as if it is a great book
and each tattoo is a chapter of this book


the chapters are many and all connected to each other obviously, the story of the book is one, but the day after tomorrow we will have the opportunity to tell only one chapter


we don’t have the space of a comic, which has so many scenes to tell a story
we have only one page
one image
only one shot
to tell and deliver something directly to those who see it (including you)


So what will we need to focus on for it to work?
about emotions



not about history, absolutely


we will not tell: “it’s happened this, and this, and this …”
I would like to tell what you felt when this, this and this happened …
if we can focus exactly on the meaning we want to convey then we will be able to convey it


it’s called: “visual communication”


someone will ask me:
ah but I would absolutely like to insert something related to “Sam” because he’s related to this story
ah but I would absolutely like to insert “this thing here” because it’s linked to this story
ah I would absolutely like to insert “my grandmother” because she’s connected to this story



I know, a book is made up of many chapters that are all connected to each other, otherwise they would all be different books


I don’t want to play the part of the bitch who says “this no, this yes, this no ..”
but I want to make you understand that if we are concentrated we will truly be able to convey an emotion


I would like to give you an example to make you understand better what I’m talking about:

a few days ago a girl came to get a tattoo
in her file she had told me about a disease that she had and that she still has unfortunately; of those nasty diseases that afflict our century. She also told me that she would liked to make a reminder of her children who are her reason for living. She never told me how she feels with this disease, how it made her feel, what she understood during this illness, what has changed …


but talking about it together we understood that her super power is being able to make this disease very light


we worked on this concept for the tattoo and designed a feather that quietly supports boulders


this is what I would like to do with you: find your superpower


so I would like you to answer a question:
“How are you? How did you been? How did you feel about what you would like to tattoo?”


Well, these are the tasks I entrust to you:
ask yourself the question how are you and how you were and give me three answers, three feelings, three moods


you will answer me live when we meet ^_^



Have a nice day,