THE APPLE – the madness of nature


that wild, divergent, tempting one


what is the meaning of an apple tattoo?

I mean, an apple… who would want to tattoo an apple?


me, for sure

and probably you now, after having read this


the apple is, in fact, the most sinful and wild fruit that nature has created


it is said that the chemical composition of the apple is almost identical to the chemical composition of the human body in terms of the percentages of elements, and that is why it is “our forbidden fruit”


a bit like how the banana is for the monkey, peanuts for squirrels, bamboo for koalas, and flowers for bees


and so on…

this is why it is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it seems that for the same reason, it has become the poisoned fruit in every respectable fairytale


not by chance, the apple is the biblical fruit of sin, a symbol of forbidden knowledge, a symbol of temptation, the object of the deceit of the treacherous serpent


in a tattoo, the apple could and should mean exactly this:

temptation, sin, deceit

the first biblical sin of Adam and Eve


but, there are a couple more meanings of the apple that take your breath away…




one: the apple of discord

the famous apple that the angry goddess Eris threw onto a table of goddesses with the inscription “for the fairest”, causing them all to fight fiercely over who was the fairest of them all


the famous “golden apple” that was finally won by the goddess Aphrodite, triggering nothing less than the Trojan War


therefore, the fruit of discord, of not agreeing, of creating disagreement


the fruit of divergences and divergents

of those who are different, think differently, and do not remain silent; thus they create rallies and committees and revolutions and legends


But… TWO! The most exciting meaning:

the apple is the fruit of madness


the madness of nature for having such an absurd and rare fruit


to sum it up in a few words:

the tree – the apple tree – does not produce fertile seeds and can only reproduce through cuttings



that is, all the Melinde apples you’ve ever eaten in your life are all daughters of a single tree, which, by the way, is not even found here, but on the other side of the world: America


and every apple tree grown from a seed will never be like the tree that created the seed

and it will always produce a different kind of apple, most often poisonous, in fact


Moreover, there are hundreds and hundreds of different species of apples, and most of them are indeed poisonous, like those in fairytales.

but the others…

there are apples that taste like bananas, apples that taste like pineapples, black apples, white apples, absurd and wild apples of all kinds


so, never trust apples, but let’s glorify them for what they are: crazy, wild, unexpected, irreverent, breathtaking




with love, but always irreverent