certainly, the anchor represents the desire of stability, of a landing
place, of soundness
we have no doubt about it


but there’s a lot more hidden under the desire of an anchor….

the symbolism of the anchor is there to remind us that there is always a place we can go to, we can go back to and stay


us, nomadic people, travelers, explorers, life lovers, dream makers, we always need it


we need to know our fixed point, to never get to it or maybe stick to it, it doesn’t matter, but we can’t live without a fixed point and all of our wandering is maybe just a way to find this out

anchors are simple
still, stable, solid, they don’t make us dream, instead they make us feel grounded


the drawing of the anchor can be a little too stiff and still, 
it needs solidity and sturdiness, but its power is gained by remembering that still anchors are those abandoned and scattered in the oceans


all the other anchors go up and down

experience the world with their boat
and their eyes shine of new seas, new harbors, new horizons


there’s always a time in life where you need to hold on to something still, or maybe just to know that something still exists, and that it’s there


and maybe during your travel you’ll find out that you should be your own first anchor


and working to create a stable world trying to strengthen yourself
being afraid of losing your staple and drift
but also afraid of remaining still or changing foothold
because “what if I don’t find another foothold?!”


no anchor in the world is helpful unless you become your own anchor
if you don’t learn how to be your own staple you will always be at the mercy of other anchors

find a point you can go back to
where you can bring your new learnings


if you know where to go back, you’ll be less scared to leave
and so, all of a sudden, the symbolism of the anchor is not linked to stillness and firmness anymore, but it will be the wellspring of the stableness of your travels



With love, but always irreverent,