NO GLOBAL: a meaning of a poppy

The poppy is a wildflower

You can’t find it in a flower shop, and I hope you never will
. You can’t buy it .

it hasn’t been polluted by society, commercialised by mass production.
. Lobotomised .

The poppy is still an authentic and simple flower
that lives in the countryside on its own

It blooms from spring into early summer
you can’t have it whenever you want, you can only wait for it to blossom

you can observe it, admire it
and be delighted by its bright colour, which lights up smiles
. you can’t pick it up .
you can’t put it in a vase like you do with roses or with any other flower



the stem – so stable and proud – would immediately wither
and fall apart, together with its bright petals

you can’t pick up beauty
you can’t pick up happiness
you can just stop to observe it or taste it

you can’t buy all those feelings like you buy flowers at the florist’s
and, likewise, you can’t buy a poppy

The poppy is not for sale
you can’t buy it with a MasterCard, like everything else


Poppies grow in the fields very quickly, they become a huge red carpet trying to twist the décor of the world. They make you want to lie down and look at the sky and wonder what shapes of clouds is planning to pass by your piece of sky.

(“if only we had time” – that’s what we say in these cases…
but who knows what time is, after all?
perhaps if we tried to understand it, we could find the answer and then we could also find
the time to be happy, couldn’t we?)


with love, but always rock



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