SIMPLE: a meaning of a poppy

The poppy is such a simple flower:


Its four taut and smooth petals would seem fragile
Its red colour is so flat and unique
Its stem – so straight and thin – is a bit hairy
It doesn’t have thorns or contortions, it doesn’t have secrets
in a nutshell, it doesn’t have any particular charm


. and yet, its strength resides right there .


What it takes to be strong, it’s right there.

In its simplicity
The truth
The proud spirit

Not even the wind can pull down those four simple petals

nor can it slightly bend that little hairy stem

and one single colour – without any shades – is enough to overwhelm your mind and your eyes with its majestic and mesmerizing strength

if you see a field of poppies, you can do nothing but smile, even if till that moment you were worried about the traffic
but even when you see just one poppy on the roadway, it would have the same effect on you
. mesmerizing .



We don’t need those long materialistic fairy tales from consumerism,
we are enough, with no-frills

we are enough

even if we have only four unicolour and smooth petals and a thin stem
we can still make the world turn in our direction
we can change its thoughts at least for a second

we don’t need the information spread by the media

we are enough
if we are proud and we strive for our inner beauty (if we have it)

(and we should strive for our inner beauty fast, because one day we’ll be old, the fairy tale will end and if there’s no beauty inside of you, well…)



with love, but always irriverent



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