FISH – crossing the unconscious


we are the fish that float under water

we are curious and determined to begin to swim in the primordial waters of our subconscious to try to make it a little more conscious

we’re the ones who start asking questions

we’re the poor losers, living under water and seeing everything through a filter 
who knows how many things we are not yet aware of
who knows how many real things are instead only dreams

who knows how many dreams could be even real




who knows if an underwater fish can see the clouds in the sky

or how he sees them

or what he thinks they look like


we are a fish that starts to interrogate himself for the first time




living in those waters that used to be our home, 5 billion years ago
and they protected us
and pampered us


and as then, we said, like total morons, why don’t we give a look to
what’s out there?

shall we go discovering the world?


All right, Piera, let’s go
let’s go let’s go…..

there are all kinds of fish

goldfish, that unfortunately, spin around in a water bubble without knowing anything about the endless sea

fighting fish, amazing tiny creatures that charm our eyes with their beauty
with huge fins that, winding and elegant, play with water
and destroy and gobble up any other being around them

it’s the only rooster in the hen-house
there’s no space for the others
it fights for its place


Koi Carp
the famous Japanese one

The one that has a red spot in the middle of its forehead and you can distinguish from the others

that spot is koi
the sign of its diversity and power

only the koi carp can turn into a dragon and conquer eternal life and thousands of magical powers

and do you know how a tiny carp with a tiny stamp on its head can become a strong dragon?
it must be so strong to be able to jump from the lower part of the fall to the upper part

and do you know how many times it doesn’t make it?
and tries again
and falls back down
and jumps again
and again

it’s the only one who can become a dragon
but only if it jumps and jumps again and again

and do you know what’s cool about it?  it doesn’t look at itself in the mirror

it doesn’t see its forehead

it doesn’t know it has the stamp of special carps

it doesn’t know it can become a dragon


and from this we can see who’s got balls

who’s strong enough to jump again and again without knowing to be special


and finally, the story of Venus and Cupid

Goddess Of Beauty And God Of Love
mother and son
in an ordinary day, they were in Olympus with the Gods, having a council meeting

and Typhon – pissed off because the Gods had won the Gigantomachy killing his friends, the Giants – 
comes to Olympus and wants to kill them all

and so the Gods – taken aback – run away and transform themselves into any kind of animal to disguise within the world and cover their tracks

Venus and Cupid turn into fish and dive in the Euphrates
and in order to stay together, they braid their tails and face together the wild waters of the river


a shiny image of how the unity of the family can avoid Typhon, Giants, and Titans


with love, but always irreverent