THE CROWN – value

many thought that the crown in tattoos was a bit my signature…. but no !!!

I would never allow myself … ..


so why tattoo a crown?

this ancient object so sacred to kings and queens has always been the most coveted ornament of all

symbol of a birthright for the most part, but also a symbol of a great achievement
symbol of a different status quo

I am me, and you…. you are just you


symbol of great responsibilities of those who have gone through something more than others, even if it was just being born right there, but still a crown always puts you on a different plane for some reason


when a little baby was crowned he became a prince
he became prince publicly
he became a prince for all
for all the people
and all the people from then on would fight and fight for their prince

he was no longer just another child

the crown is symbolic of this moment


what is the meaning of a tattooed crown?

the crown is a realization
is the moment when you realize a great value
that enlightening moment when you realize the importance of something


something that you have and others do not
something you are publicly willing to fight for
something worth remembering to have done
something that involves more awareness and therefore more responsibility….


“Blessed are the stupid” was once said….

blessed instead are those who have realized that they have a person to love,
or that they have immense courage within them, or that they can no longer compromise


those who have realized that traveling is a sacred value
those who have a daughter for whom they will always fight
those who have won against a disease with a strength they did not know before


those who have looked in the mirror today and seen one more wrinkle than yesterday, but also one more boast than yesterday

Blessed are those who can wear a crown, because they are privileged


With love, but always irreverent