You too have heard about it, right?

the friend (or someone you don’t know at the cafe’) that said:
tattoos in even numbers? definately not! they bring bad luck!!!!”

and we have always believed to that…


it is a matter of fact, a historic fact, a blatantly obvious thing.
it is definately like this, tattoos must be in odd numbers otherwise it brings bad luck, come on


but why?!?


well, there is an old maritime tradition from where this legend has evolved

this legend says that sailors that had to leave for their first sea voyage would get their first tattoo prior
to embarkation for good luck in the long journey ahead

then, they’d get a second tattoo in the destination port

and finally a third tattoo once they returned to the orginial port, when they were home, home sweet

Having even numbers tattoos meant being away from home, from the family and above all being at the
mercy of events, of the sea and of the wind.




Therefore they used to say that tattoos in even numbers were a sign of bad luck,

because it was not a pleasant situation and the sailor was just hoping to get safely back home, to his
loved ones and to the tranquillity and serenity of a safe routine.
(women in the past maybe used to be more easy-going than modern women?? no idea, just a thought of mine…)


Therefore sailors were not happy about having an even number of tattoos and couldn’t wait to get to the end of the sea crossing and be able to have an odd number of tatoos.

. that’s the legend .

(what did you believe it was all about?)

then the superstition went on with the following journeys and the sailors (after the first baptism) kept on getting tattoed once they reached their destination and once they were back home again

they signed every journey they brought to an end, every single sea crossing that ended well

and so tattoos were always even when they were far from home but on their way home,
and odd in number when they were finally with their families and beloved ones



What about you? Tattoos in odd or even number?

are you still travelling, in the storm and with the crew or have you reached the tranquillity of your home?

I stopped to ask myself when my journeys have become too many….. and even more my tattoos.

now I live my days at the mercy of my storms and passions, having next to me the tranquillity of the home that guides me in my trips, on a safe and sweet path

(PS: that saint of a man that married me and every day puts up with me, as if it was the first day!)


And then

in the legend I find again the oustanding beauty of the importance of a tattoo…..

a tattoo that says: I was there, I did it, I survived and I am stronger and prouder than ever before

. this is what every single new tattoo should tell you .

it should tell about a dream, a memory, a value
something so certain and strong that can make you say: now I feel stronger and prouder of myself!

even if maybe our self-confidence alltogether doesn’t change at all, but at least we can say we try, come on …

Anyway, this is a very important and meaningful topic for me that needed an article all for its own.
So now, if you want to go on reading here there is the right article for you: why do you get a tattoo?!?!



with love, but always irriverent