RESILIENCE TATTOO: meaning and useful tips not to be ordinary



this beautiful and huge word seemed not to exist until a few years ago when someone discovered it, brought it back to life and made it viral 


actually, it became a bit too much viral,

but I think there is a way to be resilient without being ordinary


the meaning of RESILIENCE it’s hidden within a legend of sailors… 


if you analyse the etymology of the word RESILIENCE

it turns out that 



get back on the boat, after the storm has capsized it 

like a surviving sailor


that’s where this word comes from




go back up after going down

get back on the ship’s wheel, just like before, more than before

before chaos


RESILIENCE’S meaning: BOUNCING up and down without hurting yourself


here you go, resilience is that fantastic power:

the patience of waiting for everything to pass

the malleability of adapting to the storm blows, aiming to survive


the ability of using your own arms, with the only help of your own strength

without even a foothold in the open sea 


using your arms and being able to get back on the dented boat, when everything is over


and get back to the guidance of your vessel, in order to reach your destination safe and sound once again


so, in the last years, many of my customers asked me about the word resilience, and every time I needed to invent a new way to represent it


I am sorry if who is reading the article already has this word tattooed somewhere, alone, with a beautiful calligraphy chosen on the website because it’s very likely that other people have it similar


I am sorry because I know that your resilience is different from other people’s resilience


each person chooses to get tattooed for a different reason, for a different war, or rather for a different storm


and each person finds their resilience in a different way than other people do




therefore, I would be very sorry to hear that your tattoo may be the same or similar to somebody else’s tattoo, as everyone deserves to represent their own resilience differently


so, let’s see if I can help you with some tips…



if you want to tattoo the word itself, 

without any other frills 

here I will list some tips:

first of all

the word RESILIENCE derives from GET BACK (UP) so my first obvious advice is to find a part of the body in which the word can be placed vertically, going up


and not horizontally…


it was not a horizontal, linear and flat journey that led you to choose this tattoo, it was rather an abysmal descent and a steep and insidious ascent


so, a vertical tattoo makes much more sense to me


second thing

a tip for the font that you will choose:


it shouldn’t be a font that you choose from the computer, from the typewriter or something like that, something created artificially, not personalized, perfect, which respects rules and proportions, which doesn’t leave imperfections




it takes chaos, it takes a human being to write it, it takes mistakes, obstacles

it takes diversity between one letter and another


maybe it would also take some changes in the height or size of the letters


because as I said, it was certainly not a linear journey, but it was full of ups and downs

with mistakes and uncertainties

with fears and tremors

not all the lines are straight and perfect, sinuous and lacking weaknesses


it should be a handmade or imperfect calligraphy


I would also add some ink spots


those unexpected events, those small spots that make the work imperfect

that make you understand that everything didn’t go as you planned


these tips are obviously valid even if you choose to tattoo a sentence related to resilience, not just the word itself ^ _ ^


there are some awesome quotes about resilience that allow you to be different and capture a particular nuance of YOUR own resilience


if you have a poetic vein,

the best thing to do would be writing a sentence that comes from your own bottomless well, but if you’re as lazy as I am… this

SITO contains a lot of interesting quotes ^ _ ^





then of course, 

if you don’t want to leave the word alone


or if you don’t want to write it at all, but you want to represent it graphically with other subjects… 

well, here a whole new world opens up


first thing to do:

analyse your story and understand HOW you found your resilience


and understand WHAT you learnt from your story


for example, you may have understood that you have to cut the dry branches of a tree, the wrong friendships, the toxic relationships


like lavender you may have understood that you want to ward off the undesired insects


or you may have understood that you don’t have to go back

maybe you want to remember not to make the same mistakes again


lik the dragonfly


or you may have understood that you have the possibility of turning the impossible into possible

even if you didn’t know it before
like the stone balancing

or you may have found a fundamental guide in your family, in a friend, in a stranger, or in someone unexpected

like the cosmos


you may have cracked the concrete with the sweetness of a poppy

you may have found that every rose has thorns in its stem



there are tons of motivations

and you have your own


you may find it useful to read the article I wrote to help you understand which motivations represent you, what to look for in the scenes of your life and what to avoid in order not to get distracted


and then, once you find your motivation in my PSICO-DESIGN column you may also be able to find a collection of meanings and even the subjects that are more suitable for you



when it comes to 

the technical effects to be applied to the subjects 

that you will choose to represent your own resilience, I would tell you this:


first of all, use intense colours, not pastel ones, which are tender and calm, but rather use those which are full of feelings, strength, passion and energy


use strong lines, strong effects, I don’t think your story has been delicate


you can even try to use shocking technical effects, which are unplanned, perhaps by using two totally different effects, such as:


full and empty

colours and monochrome

sketches and realistic drawings

thick and thin lines


or subjects that are totally in contrast between each other:

stones and feathers

day and night

men and women


it depends on your motivations, obviously


and, in the end, what’s important is to remember to make a vertical drawing ^ _ ^


final tip:

pay attention to WHERE you decide to place the tattoo


each part of the body has its own symbology, and being able to combine it to the search of your motivations, to the symbolism of the images and to the technical effects, will generate the winning combo that will keep you away from being ordinary and it will represent your own resilience


if you fought hard, you could choose the right arm

if you defended yourself magnificently, you could choose the left arm



again, there are a thousand of “IFS” and I already wrote an article on BODY SYMBOLISM to help you in your choice, consciously or not





but now I want to ask you an important question:

sei sicuro di essere resiliente?
o magari sei un antifragile?


do you know what the principle of antifragility is?


unlike RESILIENCE, which is a word that has existed for centuries but had just been obsolete for a while, ANTIFRAGILITY is a new word


coined by Nassim Nicholas Tale


the 21st century Darwin, Plato, Freud, or whoever you want…

in a hundred of years from now, philosophy books will talk about this a man


he wrote very interesting books and if you want to, I highly recommend you to read them, 




these books have never been so important and sensible to read as they are now, during the COVID-19 period

I highly recommend them ^ _ ^


however, coming back to our today’s topic


RESILIENCE is that ability to get back on the boat after the storm

back to the starting point, before chaos

and back to our navigation goal, perhaps faster than before


but ANTIFRAGILITY is a different story


antifragility is the principle of evolution, the ability to change during a period of crisis, during a storm


the fragile person is afraid of shaking because they know that somebody will break them into a thousand pieces of crystal


the antifragile person loves disturbing elements, because in this way they can evolve, change, improve


they can undertake routes they didn’t even consider before


routes they didn’t own before

the antifragile gets back on the boat after the storm, altering the plans and deciding to go to the Maldives


actually, the antifragile decides to go to the Maldives DURING the storm


at the first signs of the storm, the antifragile malleability and perspicacity make him or her understand that they have to change direction, react and evolve


because a huge black swan could suddenly appear, 

and destroy your ship


hence, resilience will not help you wait to get back on the ship


you will have to find another one


you must not be fragile

you must not be afraid of the blow that can break fragile things


because every storm can be the beginning of a rainbow

every moment of crisis can be the beginning of a moment of personal evolution,
which makes you change your own world, your route


because after the storm, the world will no longer be the same as before


after COVID-19, the world will no longer be the same as before

and we will have to invent a new one


a better one




it’s the word that is replacing resilience

found in the trend of cool things


but also in our hearts


antifragility is probably the second step, after resilience


after a storm you learn to be resilient

then, when you are aware of your strength, you learn to be antifragile


and become an awesome rock star


with love, but always irriverent