there are tattooists and then there are tattoo artists
just to make it clear: we are talking about two very different things


the formers ones do their job, they’re artisans
excellent executioners of a manual job
a hard job that requires time and dedication
they are delicate and respectful workers

the latter are dreamers that can never stay put, not even when they are in the shower,
actually maybe it is the place where they are inspired the most…
these people turned their unrestrained passion into their job, but they keep on living it as an unrestrained passion, not as a job

AH! And then there are the assholes too!
yes… they are those fucking tattooists that are neither artisans nor medicated, neither respectful nor anything at all!!! it is just people who believe they have found their way to be cool and maybe rich but in truth, they are only pieces of s… but maybe I’d rather stop it here as I am a good person and don’t want to be too hard on them ^_^





the artist needs to get his hand dirty


and goes out of his mind if he can’t express himself
and he gets out of his head if he doesn’t learn
and comes to know the pearls of the world through art
and often he gets his hands dirty in many different disciplines…variety is necessary for him to learn and evolve

therefore he sometimes finds himself with a pencil in his hands,
sometimes with a paint brush
or a piece of chalk
or again with a spray can
and sometimes …with a machine, needle and ink


that said

I have started a big project on me, on my body
a new big tattoo
and for that I put my trust in a bloke
who is a giant in his genre
full of awards that he won in the most prestigious competitions
but, above all, full of stories in his hands


I chose him because I fell in love with the rhythmic cadence and with the harmonic division of the spaces that he can create….but I didn’t know what type of man he was

you can’t always get it  well previously, mainly due to the fact that on social networks people show only what they want to show and not everybody wants to show something ^_^

this bloke, after six hours of freehand drawing with  felt tips on my body, tells me:
“come on, let’s have a break so I can relax for a moment and then I can see things better…”

he prepares coffee and says:
“for God’s sake, I can’t take my eyes off you anymore!!!”
and in the meantime his heart-swafed eyes are sparkling 

Let’s be clear, his eyes in that precise moment are not seeing a body,
they are just looking at the skin of that body, a new canvas
. proud .


they are looking at the piece of art that is about to be born

and adrenaline runs in the veins together with blood and can make even a cold December day look hot, while the world flows fast somewhere else
but there it is frozen in a snap shot
in the precise moment of creation
when a whole film has just been projected in his head and the ending is already written there, just waiting to be seen by the world




. I, would like to be tattooed only by people like him . 


people that are anxious and thrilled for the work they are about to do with me, on me
I think, deserve it because,  it is a thing that will stay with me forever
something that represents such a big value for me to the point that I always want it on my skin together with me…
and I think that anyone who is about to have a tattoo deserves a tattooist that is passionate about the project he’s got in his hands

persone trepidanti ed emozionate per il lavoro che faranno con me, su di me
penso nel mio piccolo di meritarmelo per una cosa che rimarrà con me per sempre
una cosa che rappresenta per me un valore talmente grande da volerlo per sempre su pelle insieme a me…
e penso che chiunque si tatui si meriti un tatuatore appassionato al progetto che ha fra le mani

you should look for this, that’s what I’d recommend

you shouldn’t be happy with the first tattooist you meet
you shouldn’t ask a tattooist something that doesn’t really belong to him

because it would be beautiful if all the tattooists would refuse to carry out a project that doesn’t really belong to them, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that… therefore it is necessary for you to look for information about the tattooist you want to go to and submit your project to him that can belong to him: you will definitely have a better piece of art if it is made with passion

[maybe you’d better read this article to find the right tattooist for you in 5 steps]

and you shouldn’t even get pissed off when a tattooist says NO to your project, come on, don’t get offended…

he is only saying that the project is not really part of him
he is not saying your project is awful
he is saying that you deserve better,
you deserve a tattooist that gets passionate about your projects…
you should thank him rather than getting angry with hime

so, dulcis in fundo, don’t ask for a maori tattoo to me, please ^_^


#iloveyouall  #stayrock  #kiss&hug 


with love, but always irreverent