RELAX: a meaning of a poppy


if you google the meaning of Poppy, you’ll have these two results: The first one regards the myth of Morpheus and, the second one is about relief

Morpheus is known as the god of sleep: in Greek mythology he is depicted with a huge bunch of poppies in his hands

So, he is the god of sleep
but his figure doesn’t mean: “go home, get some rest, sleep well and have sweet dreams”


it’s more like: “let’s see if in this life we manage to get some rest!”

and to find those instants of the day to love ourselves, taking some time for us, in order to relax, to slow things down
and to idle in a state of oblivion

This is a hymn to the rest of the warrior

that can feed your soul, give you a more relaxed and focused point of view and give you the amount of attention you deserve

(if you do deserve it)


so now let’s talk about the care of the self…
lying down with the legs in the air, holding a warm infusion of poppy petals in the hands: a good recipe to sleep good, free the mind and to switch all the negative thoughts off

let’s try to love ourselves for a second

let’s try to focus for a second
let’s try to say “fuck you” to the world, for a second

maybe after we start to breathe again,
the light-heartedness of Morpheus and his poppies will be ours, as well

NOTE: procrastination is something else, isn’t it? let’s not mess things up 🙂


with love, but always irriverent



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