2022 Anno Domini and all the tattoos look pretty much the same

Everyone is getting phoenix tattoos because they have defeated their inner demons.
Everyone is getting infinity tattoos because their friendship will never end.
Everyone is getting butterflies because they feel free and happy.
Just like in the 90s when everyone got tattoos of dolphins, winged unicorns, and lower back tribal designs.

and you, wouldn’t you like a non-trivial tattoo?
wouldn’t you like a unique tattoo, which is ONLY YOURS and not copied and copyable from the internet?

I don’t tattoo phoenixes because I’m dyslexic and don’t understand the image, BUT I understand very well the meanings behind it.

There are countless ways to depict these feelings with something a bit less common than the highly sought-after phoenix, something personalized that truly has an emotional impact on your mind every time you see the tattoo.
When you’re old and suffering from Alzheimer’s and you forget the myth of the phoenix, you’ll look at your tattoo and wonder, “Why on earth did I get a bird tattooed?”

Instead, you can create images that speak to your emotional brain, something deep and profound, rather than to your prefrontal cortex filled with meanings learned from books. Even with Alzheimer’s, the emotions that will arise in you will always be the same.

it can be done with the symbology of the images


For example, here’s a phoenix that I tattooed:





How did a phoenix become like this?

We discovered that it was a change in
mentality and approach to life after
destroying a part of life with their own hands.
From total destruction, like a complete
imbecile, they hit their head hard and managed
to create something new, something beautiful, something
dazzling. Created with their own hands, their effort,
their dreams.






Do you want to be original in choosing what to tattoo?
Well, start like this:

Don’t think about WHAT to tattoo.
Don’t think about the subject.
Instead, think about WHY you want to get tattooed.

Think about what you have been through, what you want to glorify, whom you want to pay tribute to, which part of you, which part of the world. What has changed in you after death and rebirth from your own ashes?

The phoenix is a myth we all know:
Its fiery tail destroys it, incinerates it, and from those ashes, it is reborn even better than before.

And you may say, “Exactly, it’s my story, so why should I look for something else?”

Because I believe that your story is different from the thousands of other people who have tattooed a phoenix, just like you.

Wouldn’t you like to read YOUR story in YOUR tattoo?
Do you want to continue reading the story of rebirth that connects you and the phoenix and thousands of others?

Think about your rebirth.
Think about your death.
Describe them in terms of emotions, not just facts.


How do you feel?
How are you? How does what you want to tattoo make you feel?
How were you when everything happened?
Or… how do you want to feel about it in the future?

Stop asking yourself WHAT and start asking yourself WHY ^_^


Did you feel shattered into a thousand pieces?
Do you think those pieces can be put together even better than before?
Did you feel alone? Or did you find allies?
What have you learned? Have you found a significant and foundational value for your existence that you want to continue fighting for?
Have you realized that you’ve caused disasters with your own hands? Did you mess everything up? Or is it life that screwed you over? And how did you react? How do you want to react tomorrow?
What new fortresses have you built in your life?

Then read this article HERE that provides practical examples, and then head to the PSYCHO DESIGN section of this blog: a collection of image meanings that you can use to translate YOUR WHY into YOUR WHAT.

There are some fascinating symbols that might be suitable for you, such as
the geisha, eucalyptus, crown, skull, birds, floating objects, and many others.


With love, but always irreverent,