LETTERING – I need to say..


THE LETTERING is an element linked to externalization, a shared information


sometimes with a diary, sometimes with a postcard to a friend, sometimes with a love letter… sometimes with a newspaper article, headline, stamp or sign


the writing speaks, it wants to communicate and therefore symbolizes a need for externalization


such a great internal turmoil that wants to get out

sometimes a turmoil that’s just a big mess

sometimes huge feelings that can only be whispered in ink and not spoken in words

sometimes so messed up thoughts that they need ink to find a stable shape


sometimes instead, it’s just love

a letter to our beloved, a dedication to our mother, a thought for our son


something so affectionate to be infinite

in any case, it needs to communicate something that comes from our inside to  someone who is outside


the writing could also be with a typewriter-style FONT instead of




and so here things change a bit….

it becomes news, a sure fact

it becomes a machine that writes, something scientific and logical, no longer a human hand connected to a beating heart


it becomes the article of a newspaper or a telegram

it becomes a galactic coordinate or a firm date

a time

a place

a city

a moment


something precise and immutable, objective, immutable by feelings


it becomes a reliable news


or it could be written with a ruined marker that doesn’t work anymore

or with a brush that discharges ink only in strokes

it can be something urgent and shouted that doesn’t mind the form but the need to arrive loud and clear, giant and quickly


or it could be…. everything you want, depending on the font that you choose, the impact that the writing can have on the interpretation of our mind changes


what does not change, is the need to communicate


with love, but always irreverent