TATTOO AND HAIR REMOVAL – is it possible?


can you remove hair over a freshly made tattoo?

how should I remove hair AFTER getting a tattoo?

can I remove hair BEFORE getting a tattoo?

and HOW should I remove hair to get a tattoo?


I know… “tattoo” and “hair removal” are two words that don’t quite go together and create doubts, questions, and perplexities


here I am, ready to enlighten you immensely



removing hair before getting a tattoo is mandatory

I think it’s even written in some law, but common sense is enough to understand why. I mean, how can you draw on a hairy area? it’s impossible, and that’s it




as you know, hair removal is an invasive technique for the body that irritates the skin in any form: waxing, razor, depilatory cream, laser, blade… everything irritates


many people come to the tattoo artist all hairy, thinking, “He’ll take care of removing my hair”


Yes, it’s true.

the tattoo artist removes your hair

with a BIC double-blade razor without gels, dry


think about it: how much does the skin get irritated when you get dry shaved with a razor?

A LOT, I’m telling you, a lot


there’s also something called: RAZOR BURNS

they’re not pretty


I would avoid any kind of irritation just before getting a tattoo, which is already a painful practice even on non-irritated skin
and will give your body quite a bit of work to heal


so, YES, I WOULD REMOVE HAIR BEFORE THE TATTOO, by myself, at my home


two days before the appointment so the skin has enough time to calm the irritation ^_^



however you like, you can do anything you want before,
just do it
two days before



after the first 10-15 days of healing, the tattoo seems healed, and we think we can do anything


nope, the skin is still quite fragile

and to fully heal and regain its strength, the skin requires a minimum of 28 days
(sometimes even more if the tattoo artist had a heavy hand)


so, CAN I remove hair after a tattoo?

WHEN can I remove hair after a tattoo?

HOW can I remove hair after a tattoo?


let’s see:

WAXING – and epilators

the violent extraction of hair from beneath the skin’s surface, whether with wax or an epilator, is too harsh a technique that could break the still-fragile skin

“could” is a bit optimistic
“will definitely break” is perhaps more realistic

SO, WAXING IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN for at least the first 30 days, especially if you’re a lovely Mediterranean woman or a handsome Italian guy with strong, dark hair


too risky



this is also too aggressive; its chemical agents risk drastically irritating the area and damaging the still-fragile tissues – notably, the cream instructions ask you to perform a sensitivity test first, and we’re talking about healthy skin, not weakened by a wound

SO, DEPILATORY CREAM IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN for the first 30 days at least, even longer if you already have sensitive skin


LASER HAIR REMOVAL – or pulsed light, whatever

FORBIDDEN FOR LIFE, I swear, no joket
laser and pulsed light are color-sensitive – that’s why they don’t work on white hair – and guess what? tattoos have color
the laser would activate on the tattoo, erasing it, somewhat like a brutal version of tattoo removal laser – with disastrous and very painful effects on the skin

so, if you want laser hair removal… do it before getting tattooed or never again


RAZOR – or blade


in the first 10-15 days of healing, the tattoo has scabs and perhaps small reliefs, so unfortunately, we can’t use a razor or blade during this time

after that ^_^, as soon as the tattoo loses its scabs, you’re good to go

the razor is not an invasive technique in depth, so as soon as the surface is okay, you can use it




better stick to the razor for a month, and then we can go back to our usual habits

I know… the razor isn’t a great choice, but in this case, we only have two alternatives: razor or NO hair removal


With love, but always irreverent,