STONE BALANCING – the impossible


Stone balancing is an ancient and millenary art in which stones are joined on top of one another in a stunning statuary structure. It leads to the balance of contrasting forces having different weights and opposed to each other.


with this discipline, you can turn a pile of stones into a piece of art


the stones join together in an absurd and disconnected way

it seems impossible


visually speaking, the message crossing the brain of who watches stone balancing is the following:

it is crazy

but possible


the impossible loses value and becomes possible


let’s think about the impossibility of doing something

of managing something

of overcoming something

and, at the same time, let’s also think that after all, it is possible



after all, perhaps, we have already made it possible

or we do know how to make it possible


with calm and inner peace, with slow and managed movements


at the same time, when we see a pile of stones joined on top of one another, we also think of something that is likely to be very heavy



but instead, it seems to be light and elegant

a pile of giant stones balancing on a small angle and rising easily


the truth is that all this enormous weight scatters into the forces of the universe


stone balancing is related to those things that are hard to deal with

hard to fix

hard to rebalance


it is also a concept that makes us understand how to balance these forces

the ability to sort things out

the ability that we may be aware of having, or perhaps it’s what we’re looking for…


the piles of stones also want to tell us something else


in the hiking paths of our mountains

but also in the spiritual ones, such as the Camino de Santiago

or in the treasure hunts…


the piles of stones are a signal

a guidance

a safe point of arrival

because somebody else already passed from there and, by adding another stone to the pile, they want to show you the way and tell you that they’re safe

they want to tell you that “so far so good”

they want to tell you that they achieved another milestone


they want you to know that you are safe, with a safe guidance by your side


with love, but always irreverent