THE DRAGONFLY – never come back

is a small, cute, light and transparent insect


it’s one of the few insects that belong to the eligible subjects of a tattoo, together with butterflies and beetles, perhaps a ladybug


we live in a world inhabited by so many small beings who are magic carriers


the dragonfly plays on the water surface and gets a metallic colour

hiding its greatness with the transparency of its wings

and it flies very fast, as fast as a shark moving from one place to another “in the blink of an eye”


you don’t even notice it, and the dragonfly already flew somewhere else


because the dragonfly flies away in its own way…

the dragonfly never goes in the same place twice


of course, it can go back

but not by the same path


the dragonfly never makes the same mistake twice

it doesn’t go back

it doesn’t overthink

it doesn’t become attached


it’s smart enough to not fall twice


it can go back

it can apologize

it can take a step backwards

it can change the distances

it can step back


but it never ever goes through the same path twice

it never follows the same steps

it never follows the same road


somehow, it always goes forward


even if the path is longer, the dragonfly continues moving forward


without going back

any chance you don’t take is lost forever


with love, but always irreverent