ink stains get things dirty


they leave a stain on that idea of perfection that we long for so much

they leave a stain on our imperfect life, to remind us that we’re human

that we are not perfect


that we make mistakes


yes, we do make mistakes…


sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s them, sometimes it’s other people’s fault if we make mistakes, sometimes it’s our fault if others make mistakes


what doesn’t change is our need to take a blank page and start all over again


when we made a mistake, it was because we were too focused on one thing and we left all the rest aside


we took a blank page

we took a pencil and we drew the skeleton of our project with some light lines

then, we took the nib and the ink and —with care and premeditation— we slowly started to write our own dream down


this normally happens with the last words


it happens when we are too focused 

and with a quick movement, we let a drop fall on the sheet

or it happens when we’re writing the last word and we’re feeling so happy, but then we hold the nib on the last letter and the ink splashes everywhere


it happens


because we forgot about everything surrounding us

because we were too focused on a stupid blank page


and we are not laser printers

we’re human

that’s why we make mistakes

that’s why we’re not perfect

that’s why nothing will ever be perfect


(perhaps it’s time to deal with it)


with love, but always irriverent