CUMIN – stay with me

is a small white wildflower, which we are very used to see around us, but it always goes unnoticed


we don’t recognize the flower
but we know very well what cumin is


cumin is a spice

a very intense one, in fact, being a spice, cumin has a key feature:
it seasons the dish


it gives the dish a different flavour than the one it had before
it changes the taste of life
“it adds some seasoning”, they say
it gives the days a different taste, an extra taste, a different note


this is a great symbolic meaning…
it represents that “something” that jumped into our life to revolutionize its taste
to emphasize it
to give it a different point of view, or a new one


moreover, cumin has a very persistent flavour
it stays in the mouth for a long time, just like curry, and you need some time to get rid of its taste in the palate


over the years, this feature has given cumin another important and beautiful meaning — as romantic as its small white flowers


“stay with me for as long as possible, even forever”


and so,
according to some legends, the men who wanted to start wooing a woman would bring her a bouquet of cumin flowers as gift
to reveal her their true interest, their serious intentions
their loving heart


and on the other side,
the legend says that when men had to leave their houses for work and be away for a while —maybe to be in the fields, in the sea, or in a battle— women would fill their partner’s pockets with cumin sandwiches
in order to be remembered for a long time


to keep their flavour by their side for as long as possible


“stay with me, remember me”

with love, but always irriverent