COSMOS – travellers

cosmos are wildflowers

sometimes they’re smaller, sometimes bigger

they can be pink, white, blue, orange, magenta…


is a small wild flower that is a little unknown nowadays and instead its meaning has never been so

current, in this world so evolving, full of digital nomads, people living in a van, travelers serials, of citizens of the world …

the cosmos was born on the edges of the paths
even though nowadays it’s a species that can be bought in a flower shop, they were born as wildflowers


they were born on the edge of the roads
and even when the road wasn’t trod enough and the human eye didn’t recognize them anymore, the flowers were still there, on the side of the road
cosmos are the flowers of wayfarers


they follow the wayfarer through his way


they keep him company by coloring the sides of the road
and they guide him, pointing him out the way


cosmos… just like the Milky Way make the sky up


these flowers make the ground up


with love, but always irriverent