BUTTERCUP – a star


the buttercup is a wonderful flower, full of petals (and when I say so it means that has a lot of petals) and for this reason, it’s hard sometimes to place it in a tattoo, unless we simplify it or make it gigantic ^_^


but this wealth is the key to all its meaning


the buttercup is a star on earth


pretty, precious and bright


legend has it that the buttercup was created by none other than Christ Child who, in order to honor his mother, took the stars and turned them into flowers to make the earth as bright and precious as the sky


a flower that in the midst of its thousand petals hides the joy of the star dust


this turns it into the flower of beauty and melancholy

the beauty of a love, even if it’s far away


look but don’t touch!!


this is a wicked grass, as the ancients used to say

it’s a toxic flower and the only contact with its liquids can be harmful



with love, but always irreverent