POLAROID – I remember that…


Obviously, a POLAROID PICTURE talks about memories


A polaroid picture is a picture taken some years ago, a primitive selfie

And as such, it was born to freeze a memory over time

to tie back the hands of time on that moment


it had to be an important moment if you wanted to engrave it, to make it eternal and immortal


for sure, it was an important moment that we want to remember

if not, it’s note even worth wasting time to pose


when the polaroid pictures were born, they were very rare and precious,  also very expensive and it was hard to find them, so the moment of the picture it had to be very important if you wanted to engrave it in one of those


so, if in our tattoo we decide to place a polaroid picture, surely we want to remember a past moment, a person, a place or a feeling

or the way we reacted to all this


we want to remember an important moment and fix it in eternity 


and it’s even better to write on one side, in the lower right corner, when the polaroid was taken and where….


because the picture is immortal, but our memory is not


that’s probably why it becomes part of a tattoo


with love, but always irreverent