PAPER PLANE – dreaming

the paper plane tells us about dreams and desires and about an infinite resilience, the purest and most genuine of all

what is the meaning of a paper airplane in a tattoo?


the resilience of a child who learns with his dad to fold a piece of paper from one side to the other in order to create a plane


small, simple, but full of magic


so the tender child will now blow on the tip of the plane to then throw it away, far, high, with the dream of an infinite journey


yet, that won’t happen


as usual, as always, as every single time, the plane will fall to the ground very fast
in a few seconds
it will crash to the ground

but that kid won’t think about being sad even for a second,
the kid will immediately run towards the crash point,
in order to collect the plane,
to fix it a bit and blow on it to make it fly once again for a few seconds


always, no matter what

why get a paper plane tattoo?

because we never really cared that the plane would fall
we would still get up and try again
we would believe it again and again


we dream
again and again
we never get discouraged


therefore, the plane tells us about resilience
but it also tells us about dreams, travels, desires
it tells us to never give up our dreams and to continue travelling, with the body or the mind


and it talks about that person, the one who taught us to dream

and then there are those who tattoo it because they love to travel …
a little more banal yes, and that’s okay too


with love, but always irriverent