FEATHER – let it go


THE FEATHER speaks of “letting go” …


we place a feather in a tattoo to give a feeling of soft but also melancholy freedom


when you find a dropped feather, it means that the little bird that owned it let her go


it took off a burden



or maybe it was snatched from a sudden clash, it depends


it could be a choice made on its own, because the feather needed to be changed or it could be a trauma that detached the feather from it


but in any case, now it’s missing a piece of itself who, wanting or renting, let it go on its way, far away from him 




however, this void somehow lightened it to make it fly better and lighter and created the place for something new


if you want a feather on you tattoo, it means that you may have let some people,  opportunities, prejudices, vices or happy moments go….




the feather symbolism speaks of melancholy for something that is no longer with you, but at the same time, it leaves room for the arrival of something new 



with love, but always irreverent