TEARS – getting up


A TEAR obviously speaks of sadness, but not only…


they tell us about a mood that we don’t like and we would like to change and placing a teardrop in a tattoo shows your awareness to the fact that there can be things in life that we don’t like   


a tear can be the first step of a change and since it’s something visible, the tear is already in itself a turning point, the need to show an internal motion 


it is the evidence of a turmoil state and whether we like it or not we must be aware of it


teardrops are telling us that we can no longer look the other way, we can no longer pretend that we don’t mind


we must react, now

or tears will continue to cloud our eyes and then it will be impossible to move on 



tears are the point of no return


a tear itself is a defense that our body uses to protect our eye or to nourish it and as it is for our soul, the tear is an act of defense 


they are begging us to become aware of something that is wrong and to act accordingly


as the rain, tears make us sad and gray, but it’s also nourishment for nature

it’s fuel for change 


with love, but always irreverent