THISTLE – misanthropy


the thistle flower is a strange and anarchic being, different from our classical ideal of “flower”
THE THISTLE is a small country flower with bright colors and a thousands spikes


easy to find scattered in our fields difficult, however, that it immediately attracts our gaze because it is a somewhat hostile flower, with those thousand spikes that keep us away


why tattoo a thistle flower? because the thistle is the flower of misanthropy

misanthropy is that feeling of aversion to contact with our fellow human beings, disgust and reluctance toward the world, of “all hope is lost” we are now to be thrown away, feelings of total distrust of modern society…

and those spikes tell well the fact that we want to keep ourselves away from a society to which we don’t feel we belong but…. at the same time the thistle flower had a very important historical use that also attached another meaning to it, as well as a verb all dedicated to it


the flower of the thistle was in fact used to “card” wool

an operation whereby freshly cut raw wool was taken and the spikes of the thistle were used like a comb to untangle the wool’s tangled fibers and make it possible to spin the wool

to create a thread from it

the thistle tames the wool fibers, untangles them, makes them more malleable, makes them usable

a bit like taming a dog a bit like the meeting between a man and a woman a bit like the Little Prince and the fox


the flower of the thistle and its strange spikes serve to unravel the skein and walk together


With love, but always irreverent