GEISHA – women’s emancipation


a geisha tattoo always has a strong appeal on us
reminds us of the exotic east full of mysteries and wonders ….
but what is the meaning of a geisha’s tattoo?


GEISHA speak of feminine power….


the absurd rumor that Geisha were prostitutes  must be thrown in the toilet, with violence, along with those who say that tattooing a geisha is a vulgarity (sorry eh)


a Geisha is anything but a prostitute 

she is a symbol of feminism, of all-female revolution, of emancipation

she’s the Eastern suffragette, I’d say


in ancient times  and not only, in the East, women were banned from any form of social life





could not go to a bar

could not go out with her friends

could not go to the theater

could not even do theater


the female roles in the plays were played by men wearing female masks (the famous masks of the wrath of jealous women!)


women couldn’t do anything,  except cooking and going buy food to cook

at the most, they could only be among themselves , at home, to cook or sew


becoming a Geisha is the first moment in which the oriental woman can take part in the social life, through the entertainment


it is a revolutionary moment


women through the dance and the show have the opportunity to entertain men in the social gathering



why get a Geisha tattoo?
because Geisha is the symbol of female revolution, of female emancipation, a symbol of finally coming out after a subjugation 


it’s like raising your head after unfairly having to lower it 


the Geisha is also a symbol of great cunning, femininity and knowledge of your own abilities, but also knowledge of the stupidity of man


because that’s how she came out, to conquer the world

the GEISHA tattoo also symbolize of a rather unusual and all-western concept


in fact, we westerners can’t impersonate in the image we have before when we see an eastern face with almond eyes and a different complexion 


it is obvious

if we look at the mirror we clearly see different characteristics


placing a Geisha inside a tattoo can lead to the concept of NO RECOGNIZING ONESELF ANYMORE


looking in the mirror and not finding yourself

you can see it as a bad thing because a person or a situation has changed you so much that you don’t even know who you are now or who you were before

maybe you don’t like what you see in the mirror right now and you want to slap yourself

or maybe you didn’t recognize you anymore and you already smacked yourself



sometimes it’s good instead not to recognize yourself, 

‘cause maybe you used to be a slacker, and now life has turned you fucking gorgeous 


with love, but always irriverent