ANEMONE – transparent


the anemone is an unusual flower in tattoos, not so widely used, but perhaps if its meaning were famous it would also be much more widely used

why tattoo an anemone?

the ANEMONE speaks of sadness….


it speaks of broken trust and betrayal

not necessarily the betrayal of a human being
not necessarily of a friend, a partner, a family member

sometimes it is the world that betrays us or we ourselves betray our dreams


the anemone speaks of transparency,
like its petals, of invisibility
it speaks of not being seen

the anemone is a plea for attention

but most importantly, why is getting an anemone tattoo so cool?

because the anemone is also the consolation
the consolation that comes after the betrayal, that comes after the moment of crisis, because when the moment of consolation comes it means that we have already taken the right path and it is already downhill ^_^



with love, but always irriverent