DANDELION – dreaming


used and evening used in all sauces, if the shower head is so famous in the world of tattoos there will be a reason ^_^


THE DANDELION of the dandelion is a flower that speaks of dreams


we all know the feeling of picking up a blowball from the ground, 

make a wish and then blow on it as if it was a candle on a cake,

and hope that your  wish will come true 


and this ritual is all well and good and maybe unconsciously , we are helping the plant making its own wish 


actually, the blowball comes from the evolution of the yellow flower of the dandelion

this evolution of the flower is the creation of prolific seeds

each achene that we see flying when we blow, it’s a seed of the plant


a plant that’s very happy  to have her seeds dispersed in the air, giving it the possibility to breed


we are giving the seeds the chance to rest on the ground and create a new life


we are giving our dreams the chance to meet a fertile ground to stick and bloom, to be born and proliferate 


is there a better link than this? 


the blowball makes us wish, it’s the first step that we take towards  the fulfilment of our wish


It’s the ultimate way to believe in your dream and blaze a new trail


Because, as someone said, “a path begins with the first step” and if we do not do this first step, we will never go anywhere


with love, but always irreverent