FERN – the truth

FERN, the hidden meaning in a tattoo 


in this short article of the section “PSICO DESIGN – the psychology of the drawings” we address the meaning and symbolism of the FERN from a mythical or primordial point of view, to apply it in the portrayal of the tattoo


Anyway, we speak of fairytales that make us dream, there’s no time for science here


The prefrontal cortex has no ground here, we move within the emotions of the limbic brain or the instinct of the reptilian brain 


THE FERN is the symbol of the truth and the great strength that comes from it


in ancient times, but perhaps even in new times, in East and West, in Polynesia or around the world, ferns were used to reach the truth 

they were the magic ingredient that all diviners use to search for premonitory dreams or clairvoyance 


maybe some dried leaves were leaned next to the pillow to hope in clarifying dreams

or were burned and inhaled to seek answers among the delirium of their fumes 


I mean, in one way or another, the magic of the fern leads to the truth

and the truth brings with it a great power and an enormous force


ALL BLACKS and all indigenous people who chose this symbol as their flag, know it well 


they use the power of truth to live and to be strong beings, they live by following the truth 

the fern fiddlehead coil and recalls the shape of a circle, the cyclic nature, a new beginning, a new life


maybe a new life of truth ^_^


finally, if we want to say it all, the fern is also an element dear to God Pan


a deity that is both pagan and greek, not a common God because of his particular body, in some parts human and in others animal, almost like a goat


he’s a very frank God

frank and direct like a slap in the face

like the truth


that sometimes makes some mess, some pranks

like the truth

and like the sound if his flute that creeps into your head and like a worm unhinges everything ^_^


a God also linked to instinct and primitive instincts, the ones that are not controlled by our head

a God sometimes left aside from the other Gods because of his weird aspect


I mean, just like the truth

with love, but always irriverent