LACE – ancient bond

LACE is mainly an element related to women in the family, but it also has a couple of other interesting meanings


lace in Italy is linked to tradition,

“making  lace” is a tradition that is generally handed down from mother to daughter or grandmother to grandchild so the lace in a tattoo tells us about the relationships between the women in the family.  In  a tattoo dedicated to our mother or grandmother, women of tradition or legendary ties, it is nice to use lace as a lure in the background


there’s people who use lace in a tattoo as a unique subject, as a decoration of an area

it’s true, it’s beautiful, I also have a tattoo like that  ^_^


but it’s not the only use, of course

lace can be used as a contour element to a different main subject, as if they were leaves of a rose, for example  ^_^ 


lace is also a bond, an intertwining of indissoluble threads, just like the family


but to make lace you need to use a very special technique, metaphor of life


you take a lace-maker, with bobbins of thread that are woven between them  hammering pins as a firm point, as a buoy, as a handle for the wire

intertwining the spools between them and moving the pins, you create the design of the lace


when you do this procedure, you don’t know very well what you are doing, but you follow a guideline, a project, a larger design, but without seeing instantly what you’re creating


only after creating a piece of lace you can understand  what you did,  if you did it well or if at some point you messed something up 


the beautiful metaphor of life…. 

we act in the present sure to follow a good guideline but then something in the middle works badly and after a while we notice the trouble


but while we’re there, we are not aware at all


we keep going thinking that we did things right

even in the education of a child is the same, for example…

we rack our brain with educational ideas hoping that they will lead us to good results, but until the child grows, we do not understand if we did well or not….


only time will tell


but with the spools of thread you can undo everything and go back, with life instead is a little different


last but not least,  lace speaks to us of sensuality, of course


that see-through which is typical of a fabric that it isn’t and it isn’t there

is the quintessential garment that speaks of seduction and eroticism

a game of expectations and dreams  ^_^


since lace has  many different simbologies,  it is very important to state where and how you place it inside a tattoo 


A little lace around your thigh will surely talk about sensuality, while a little lace around  a flower could talk about the support of a woman to another woman… It’s all a matter of opinion. It’s up to you.  


with love, but always irreverent