WEEDS – unstoppable stubborn


Weeds is a wild grass heated by farmers because it is hard to uproot, wow, so difficult to uproot!


you tear that damn thing apart, you do it again and it comes back, undeterred


you can also spray some weed killer on it and maybe for a month it doesn’t come out but then it comes back, it always comes back



its strength is combined with resilience and the ability to adapt to the circumstances to continue living


the couch weed fights for its life, undeterred, just like we fight, undeterred, for our dreams or our dreams fight, undeterred, against us when we try to kill them


the couch weed is used as background to other subjects, usually not as a main subject, but to create a setting related to nature and countryside


something genuine and natural


it is used to talk about a contest in which we used every fiber of our being to fight for something or when we wish to find this quality in our life or when we want to dedicate our tattoo to someone else, maybe a child and we hope that, in his life, he finds the strength to fight for his dreams, without giving up




with love, but always irriverent