THE HAND – punch or caress?

adding a hand to a drawing can talk to us in two different ways

it’s on us to decide how to make it talk, based on the structure that we will give to the drawing or on the movement that the hand will perform


a hand can make a gesture, it can touch something or someone


a hand can lightly touch a cheek

can hold a flower

can close into an explosive fist

can give a caress 

can give support

can be a contact

or a barrier


a mother’s hand can touch her baby’s

a woman’s hand can touch a man’s


a hand can lift something or someone up

can help you


can support you

a hand can be the place where a feather lays

a hand can hide a treasure


a hand can show you the way

it can bring the attention to something more important


it can hold back a dream or make it slip away


a hand can shut a mouth or cover the eyes


a hand can do things


therefore, it brings us back to an action or a contact

it can be the main character, or it can help the protagonist to emerge


a hand can.


with love, but always irreverent