THE CROWN – value

this ancient object —so sacred to Kings and Queens— has always been the most desired decoration


it’s the symbol of a right acquired at birth, but also the symbol of a great achievement
it’s the symbol of a different status quo


I am me, and you … you are just you


it’s the symbol of the great responsibility of those who have gone through something more than all the others, even if it was just the fact of being born there. Still, a crown always puts you on a different level, for some reason


when a small child was crowned, he became a prince
he became a prince publicly
he became a prince for everybody
for all the people
and from that moment on, all the people would fight and struggle for their prince


he was no longer a common child, like everyone else


the crown is the symbol of this moment


it’s the awareness

it’s the moment when one realizes a great value
it’s that illuminating moment when you understand the importance of something


something that you have and other people don’t

something that you’re publicly willing to fight for
something that is worth remembering
something that involves more awareness and therefore more responsibility…


“blessed are the foolish”, someone said once…


blessed are those who understood that they have somebody to love, or that they have an immense courage or that they can no longer compromise

those who understood that traveling is a sacred value
those who have a daughter they will always fight for
those who won against an illness with a strength they didn’t know before


those who looked themselves in the mirror and saw an extra wrinkle compared to the day before, but they wear it with pride


Blessed are those who can wear a crown, because they are privileged

with love, but always irriverent