vademecum post tattoo


The complete guide of the THINGS YOU CAN and YOU CANNOT DO after getting a tattoo and, above all, THE REASONS WHY

every tattoo artist have their own opinion
every tattoo artist have their own post tattoo procedure
every tattoo artist tells you to use different products

therefore.. a big mess is guaranteed!


what should I do after getting a tattoo?


My HANDBOOK OF THINGS TO DO AND NOT TO DO AFTER A TATTOO starts here, with many myths to dispel that have been instilled into our minds over the years by so many old school tattoo artists


this article could seem endless, but the doubts and questions over this topic have always been so many and, because of this, I decided to create a guide as complete as possible on the subject


I divided each topic into chapters in order to go through them separately, one by one



We’ll be discussing:



I created a short summary in case you don’t want to go through all the detailed explanations, so that you can always go back and forth to read about the aspects that interest you most ^ _ ^


short SUMMARY for lazy readers:


  • apply a little amount of crecreamma on the tattoo for 7/10 to let the tattoo breathe and do it very often to keep the skin soft and don’t let it scab
  • NO Vaseline, NO Bepanthenol
  • wash the tattoo twice a day and massage it gently to loosen any lumps of platelets: in this way they won’t scab
  • DO NOT scratch the tattoo even if it itches
  • DO NOT WEAR tight-fitting, synthetic or wool clothes
  • DO NOT BATHE IN THE POOL or in the sea for 15/20 days, do not do sauna or turkish bath
  • DO NOT WAX for 15/20 days, do not use shaving cream, epilators, DO USE RAZOR
  • DO NOT exposure to direct sun light for 7/10 days
  • then, during the first month of the tattoo’s life, sun exposure will be possible but only with a very high protective cream
  • DO NOT practice intense cardio activity that makes you sweat a lot for 3-5 days (e.g.: aerobic)
  • apply a layer of cream before working out (e.g. gym) or stretching (e.g. yoga) for 10-15 days, to prevent dry skin from cracking during movement
  • I RECOMMEND the use patches, for the healing of tattoos

and what if after all these recommendations
my tattoo has not healed well and some parts of the tattoo are gone?



well… everything is possible ^ _ ^
because we are alive and our body can have all its good reasons to do whatever ^ _ ^


even though you followed my directions accurately
and even though the tattoo artist had a delicate hand and did not damage the skin more than necessary


if this happens, after 4-6 weeks from the execution of the tattoo, you can call your tattoo artist and ask them to touch up the tattoo where it didn’t heal well


this practice is normally free of charge, as it’s included in the initial payment and it guarantees the professionalism of the tattoo artists, their good knowledge of the body and how to work with it


however, bear in mind that the tattoo shouldn’t be retouched before its 4-6 weeks of life because the skin is too fragile to be able to withstand an invasion again and, as a consequence, it will crack


it also shouldn’t be retouched beyond the 6 weeks – I would say, to be safe, at the latest beyond the 8 weeks – or the skin will start to change and harden and the colour of the ink used the second time may look different from the one used the first time

having said that, I wish you a pleasant first month of your new tattoo and I remain at your service for any other doubts or questions that you may have ^ _ ^


with love, but always irriverent